Norm Mason passed away in 2019, and we miss him every day. Norm touched all of us in so many ways. I have many different thoughts and can start by saying he was my best friend, a confidant and mentor, but so much more. Norm was sincere, kind and caring, and larger than life every day of the week. His integrity and sense of fair play were integral to his personality. Norm always taught by example and never asked anyone to do anything he would not do himself. Our world is a better place as a result of his passion, and we can all learn from his grit and determination to do our best, all the time, no excuses. We celebrated his life on July 27, 2019. We operate with Norm’s guidance and passion and look forward to serving all our great friends and customers for generations to come.

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Vibration isolation technology has moved on to the isolation of entire buildings rather than just building components. We have designed and manufactured Neoprene and Natural Rubber bearing pads to frequencies as low as 6 Hz and steel spring assemblies in the 0.75 to 2.00 inch (19 to 50mm) deflection range in individual capacities of 1,000,000 lbs. (454,000 kgs.) Both techniques are used to keep ground vibration and noise out of buildings close to railroads, subways, heavy traffic or industrial impact.

Rubber bearings conform to Government codes and testing. Life expectancy is 50 or more years. While they are generally not replaceable, replacement can be built into the installation at a small added cost if the locations remain accessible.

Spring mountings are often partially precompressed and automatically released as building weight is added during construction. We prefer the technique of structural spring support with removable spacers after the mountings have been hydraulically compressed to assume the building weight.

Our professional engineering staff is licensed in 50 states, Washington DC, Puerto Rico, New Zealand and ready to help you.