In 1962 we introduced our first “HVAC ENGINEERING SPECIFICATION.” While the 1962 approach was very well received and filled a void, it was made up of many individual specifications rather than presented in an organized format.It had no meaningful minimum static deflection guide and engineers found it hard to work with.

In 1965 we started the VCS series which was the first industry attempt to hone in on a specific group of HVAC products rather than the complete isolator range. It made it possible for the engineer to work with a small, versatile group of products and get to know them well. The 1965 specification included the first selection chart as an additional engineering tool highlighting the need for increased deflection in response to floor sensitivity and greater vibratory input from larger machines. These empirical suggestions written 35 years ago were based on 20 years of hands-on experience correcting bad installations on a guaranteed solution basis.

The 1965 series remained virtually unchanged until 1975, when we started publishing in the present format. The 1976, 1979 and 1982 modifications, all represented better explanations, product improvement or changes in the selection guide.

In this issue we have added air springs, sliding pipe guides, complete roof top spring curbs, DuPont Kevlar reinforced expansion joints, completely engineered riser systems and changes in piping supports. Hopefully, our introduction of new or improved methods will never stop. This new specification continues to incorporate the principles that have always been our guidelines.