Teflon Expansion Joints

Mercer Invincible Series 700 Teflon® lined expansion joints combine the advantages of Teflon®: Anti-stick properties, Superior Strength, Excellent chemical resistance, Non-aging with the advantages of Mercer’s elastomeric expansion joints,Isolate mechanical vibration,Allow four way movements, Long life expectancy, Absorb pressure surges, Eliminate electrolysis, Small space requirements, Allow four way movements (Axial, lateral, torsional, angular), eliminating problems of pipes buckling  or pulling apart.

Invincible Series HT700 combines all the construction and performance advantages of the 700 with high temperature resistance. Reinforced with high temperature resistant fabric, and with the cover of either EPDM or Viton, the HT700 can provide full pressure service at operating temperatures up to 350°F and 400°F respectively.

Teflon® expansion joints are always fixed dimension. They are molded in two, three and five arch configurations. Series 800 is particularly popular in the chemical industry where they provide excellent  service in relatively low temperature, low pressure systems. Standard construction includes control rods as illustrated, and all sizes through 12 inch (305mm) diameter are kept in stock.


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