Seismic Anchor Stud

Stud wedge anchors shall be manufactured from full diameter wire, not from undersized wire that is rolled to create the thread. The stud anchor shall also have a safety shoulder which fully supports the wedge ring under load. The stud anchor shall be zinc-coated steel for interior applications and stainless steel for exterior applications. The stud anchors shall have an evaluation report number from the ICC-ES verifying its allowable loads. Drill-in stud wedge anchors shall be type SAS or SASE as manufactured by Mason Industries, Inc.


Size Length (in)
3/8 in 3 1/2 in
1/2 in 4 1/4 in
5/8 in 5 in
3/4 in 6 1/4 in
1 in 7 in


Size Length (in)
3/8 in 5 in
1/2 in 5 1/2 in
5/8 in 7 in
3/4 in 8 1/2 in