All-directional seismic snubbers shall consist of interlocking steel members restrained by a one-piece molded neoprene bushing of bridge bearing neoprene. Bushing shall be replace- able and a minimum of 1/4” (6mm) thick. Rated loadings shall not exceed 1000 psi (.7kg/ mm2). A minimum air gap of 1/8” (3mm) shall be incorporated in the snubber design in all directions before contact is made between the rigid and resilient surfaces. Snubber end caps shall be removable to allow inspection of internal clearances. Neoprene bushings shall be rotated to insure no short circuits exist before systems are activated. Snubbers shall have an Anchorage Preapproval “OPA” Number from OSHPD in the State of California verifying the maximum certified horizontal and vertical load ratings. Snubber shall be type Z-1225 as manufactured by Mason Industries, Inc.