ibration isolation manufacturer shall furnish rectangular steel concrete pouring forms for floating and inertia foundations. Bases for split case pumps shall be large enough to pro- vide for suction and discharge elbows. Bases shall be a minimum of 1/12 of the longest dimension of the base but not less than 6” (150mm). The base depth need not exceed 12” (300mm) unless specifically recommended by the base manufacturer for mass or rigidity. Forms shall include minimum concrete reinforcing consisting of 1/2” (12mm) bars welded in place on 6” (150mm) centers running both ways in a layer 11/2” (38mm) above the bottom. Forms shall be furnished with steel templates to hold the anchor bolts sleeves and anchors while concrete is being poured. Height saving brackets shall be employed in all mounting locations to maintain a 1” (25mm) clearance below the base. Wooden formed bases leaving a concrete rather then a steel finish are not acceptable. Base shall be type BMK or K as manufactured by Mason Industries, Inc.