Restrained spring mountings shall have an SLF mounting as described in Specification 5, within a rigid housing that includes vertical limit stops to prevent spring extension when weight is removed. The housing shall serve as blocking during erection. Installed and operating heights are equal. A minimum clearance of 1/2” (12mm) shall be maintained around restrain- ing bolts and between the housing and the spring so as not to interfere with the spring action.  Restraining Bolts shall have a neoprene bushing between the bolt and the housing. Limit stops shall be out of contact during normal operation. Since housings will be bolted or welded in position there must be an internal isolation pad.Housing shall be designed to resist all seismic forces. Mountings shall have Anchorage Preapproval “OPA” Number from OSHPD in the state of California certifying the maximum certified horizontal and vertical load ratings. Mountings shall be type SLR or SLRS as manufactured by Mason Industries, Inc.