Complete Specification

All of the specification paragraphs are generic in their descriptions and there is never any need to change those descriptions as they apply to all installations. If you have accepted our explanations and like our wording, your specification would appear exactly as it is shown bellow in the PDF document. The paragraph sections are in the format of the American Architectural Association. If this is not the format or the language you want to use, the specification paragraphs can be readily rearranged or edited. Once these paragraphs are in place, there is no need to change them from job to job or to omit or delete because the only isolators that are used are those that are called out on your equipment schedule. In our presentation, Schedule 4.01 is part of the specification and it appears on the last page of the document bellow. If you prefer keeping this schedule as part of your drawings, in 4.01 write “Equipment and Isolator schedule may be found in the drawings.

Schedule 4.01 is not really something you are adding. Most plans and specifications already have an equipment schedule. The change is just the addition of the two columns which are headed Vibration Isolation. On the left hand side we have a specification paragraph letter or letters, and on the right the static deflection. In most cases, the same isolator is recommended for a class of equipment in all locations. However, depending on the size of the equipment, the sensitivity of the structure and the occupancy of the building, a deflection must be selected by you to best fit the particular project.