Mountings - SLR-MT Air Spring Mount

SLR-MT restrained mountings contain MT air springs in place of the SLF springs in the SLR mountings. The steel housing around the MT air spring serves exactly the same purpose as the SLR housing in explanation D. SLR-MT are recommended in lieu of SLR in highly critical situations as described for the MT.


Equipment with large variations in the operating and installed weight, such as chillers, boilers, etc., and equipment exposed to the wind such as cooling towers, roof mounted fans and roof mounted air handling equipment shall be mounted on air springs, as described in Engineering Specification C, but within a rigid housing that includes vertical limit stops to prevent spring extension when weight is removed and temporary steel spacers between the upper and lower housings. Housings shall serve as blocking during erection. When the equipment is at full operating weight, the air springs shall be pressurized to take the weight so the spacers can be removed without changing the installed and operating heights. All restraining bolts shall have large rubber grommets to provide cushioning in the vertical as well as the horizontal modes. The hole through the bushing shall be a minimum of 0.75”(19mm) larger in diameter than the restraining bolt. Horizontal clearance between the air spring assembly and the housing shall be a minimum of 0.5”(13mm) to avoid bumping and interference with the air spring action. Vertical limit stops shall be out of contact during normal operation. Mountings and air spring parts shall be powder coated. Hardware electro-galvanized. Air spring systems shall be connected to the building control air or a supplementary air supply and equipped with three leveling valves to maintain level within plus or minus 0.125”(3mm). Cooling tower mounts are to be located between the supporting steel and the roof or the grillage and dunnage as shown on the drawings when there is no provision for direct mounting. Mountings shall be SLR-MT and leveling valves type LV as manufactured by Mason Industries, Inc.