WF Steel Beam Base

A complete steel base is not required for equipment such as Absorption Machines, Reciprocating Compressors, Shell Mounted Centrifugal Compressors, H&V units, etc. Steel members improve stability, lower operating heights and in the case of H&V units prevent distortion of sheet metal legs or base angles. The use of saddles and brackets represents a cost saving compared to the complete bases in Specification J. We have called for Specification K in the Selection Guide for all locations without J or L bases when B or D mountings have 21/2”(65mm) deflection or more to improve appearance and reduce elevation. Never use independent cross members in Seismic Zones, because of rotational failure. Always use complete bases.


Vibration isolation manufacturer shall provide steel members welded to height saving brackets to cradle equipment having legs or bases that do not require a complete supplementary base. Members shall have sufficient rigidity to prevent distortion of equipment. Inverted saddles shall be type ICS, as manufactured by Mason Industries, Inc.