Concrete Floating Floors

Concrete Floating Floors Concrete floating floors are used for many purposes. We have limited this bulletin to the following areas of Vibration, Sound and Impact Isolation. 1. VIBRATION ISOLATION Buildings are unavoidably near busy streets, trains and subways even though they contain space that must be vibration free and have very low NC levels. Examples…

Large Transformer

LARGE TRANSFORMER mounted on a WFSL or KSL Base supported by MT Air Spring Mounts and Z-1011 Seismic Restraints. Reinforced housekeeping pad secured by HPA Anchors. Schematic Only Final installation to meet all safety regulations as well as electrical and other codes.

Utility Blower

UTILITY BLOWER directly mounted on seismically restrained SLR-A Mounts. Reinforced housekeeping pad secured by HPA Anchors. Also useful for non seismic outdoor windy locations.